Part I in a Three-Part Series

Running a health and wellness practice can be overwhelming. Creating your business plan, negotiating leases, reviewing insurance contracts and administrative work is worthwhile, but non-billable time. Co-working within a community of providers, with business experts available to help, is an excellent way to reduce your stress and improve your practice’s chances for success.

Some believe joining a group practice might help. Traditionally, groups have a much harder time making decisions on how costs are allocated or who has the final say in practice matters. Membership in a co-working environment helps you find harmony between staying independent and harnessing the power of other members for referrals, collaboration and crisis management.

Selling your practice to a hospital or healthcare system is an option for some. The administrative and scheduling demands institutions require, along with the performance metrics and shorter face-to-face interactions with patients ultimately undermine the patient relationship. Co-working shifts the burden of managing your office space while allowing you to focus on what matters most, helping patients.

Nexis Wellness Members have access to business experts ready to help with your practice needs. Working in our health and wellness co-working community allows you to set your own office hours, rates and metrics, and lets you maintain control of the quality of care. The relationship between patients and providers is more important than ever. Taking the time to meet, know and help each patient should be your priority.

Nexis Wellness is a health and wellness co-working space located in Beachwood, Ohio, with offices in Independence and Westlake coming soon.

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