Part II in a Three-Part Series

Many health and wellness practices today operate the same way they did decades ago – paper-based, manual processes performed by people. While we are comfortable with these setups, they are time and cost-intensive. Leveraging technology can reduce time spent on administrative tasks and improve your bottom line. However, managing it on your own can be overwhelming and cost-prohibitive. This is where a co-working community, specializing in health and wellness can be hugely beneficial.

Reception and Check-In

At Nexis Wellness, we use digital check-in kiosks. Patients/clients simply tap on their provider’s photo upon arrival. There is no need to announce their names in front of anyone. Providers then instantly receive a text or email notification letting them know their next appointment has arrived, allowing them to continue their current session uninterrupted. Using the kiosk technology eliminates any concern over sick days, overtime, or finding someone to cover a late night or weekend appointment which was booked last minute. It is huge cost savings that gets passed onto Nexis’s Members.

Controlled access between the waiting and treatment areas, is difficult to manage with traditional locks and keys or keycards, especially if you have the same people working out of multiple locations and people joining/leaving the group often. Nexis Members use a digital key that works across all locations, so access is easy for them, and they have the peace of mind knowing the treatment areas are safe when they are in the office. The same key even offers access to storage lockers and HIPAA-compliant printers.

Practice Management Systems

For providers who bill third-party payers, moving to a cloud-based EHR platform is a no-brainer. It expedites the billing and collections process, eliminates a lot of manual work, and there is no need to pay for filing storage in your office. Cloud-based systems allow access to your records from any secure internet location, including mobile devices. You can also automate your patient process with online forms that feed into your system, and appointment reminders that reduce no-show appointments.

HIPAA-compliant Technology

Without the right expertise, even simple things can present pitfalls for a solo practitioner.  Multi-function printers are one of the easiest examples of risk. These devices are set by default to store all print/copy/fax jobs. Without purging the stored data, you have a huge HIPAA violation waiting to happen. Office internet services should be HIPAA compliant and come with a Business Associate Addendum (BAA) from your provider. Often, the cost of a compliant data line is prohibitive for a small business, but Nexis Wellness provides access to a shared high-speed, secure fiber optic connection at no additional cost. The same is true for phone systems and other technology, including the check-in kiosk.

As a co-working community focused exclusively on health and wellness, Nexis leverages technology to reduce your overhead and improve your efficiency and peace of mind, freeing your time so more can be spent with clients/patients. You can take comfort in knowing everything we do is HIPAA compliant, and there is a community of peers and experts to support your decisions as you grow your practice.  We help our Members by giving them the confidence and resources they need to go it alone.

Nexis Wellness is a health and wellness co-working space located in Beachwood, Ohio, with offices in Independence and Westlake coming soon.

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