Crain’s Cleveland Business, December 2018

Elizabeth Garrett, a social worker who specializes in trauma and works primarily with children and adolescents, hopes to one day have her own office where she can hang her diploma and put clients’ art on the wall.

But for now, working just 10 hours a week, her own space doesn’t make much sense. Instead, she’s a member at Nexis Wellness, a coworking space for behavioral health practitioners and, since a rebrand this fall, other independent health care providers, such as functional medicine doctors.

The health care focus of Nexis Wellness was a big draw for Garrett, who’s already made connections with other providers within Nexis for potential clients. The company also assisted in finding the right people to help her get started with billing and credentialing, and helped her locate an electronic medical record solution that worked for her — support that was crucial to getting her up and running.

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