Letter From the CEO

Scott Zimmerman

Welcome to Nexis Wellness! We’re one of the first co-working communities focused exclusively on behavioral health and wellness providers, and the only community of our kind in the greater Cleveland area. In other words, Nexis Wellness is doing something new based on a successful model that puts your needs at the center of your own practice and gives you the freedom to do things your way.

I started Nexis for professionals seeking to run independent practices without the stress and burden of large, fixed overhead costs and long-term commitments. Our community is currently located in Beachwood, Ohio, and if you become a member as we expand to Westlake , Independence and Lake County, you’ll have the opportunity to expand as well.

This community’s origins are rooted in my childhood. From watching my father, a dedicated dentist in Willoughby Hills, Ohio, I learned about the unspoken ins and outs of being a medical practitioner. He loved treating his patients, but ever-changing laws and regulations often resulted in increased costs and administrative burdens. He had to either figure things out on his own or hire expensive advisors to help, and I saw the stress it put on him.

As a young adult, I was working in London, England, when I came across a co-working model for medical professionals, solving many of the challenges I’d watched my father struggle with. I moved back to the States and leveraged my background in management consulting, real estate and law (including a specialization in HIPAA) to start what was then called Nexis Medical Offices.

Shortly after opening our first office, I was playing with my children when I suffered a traumatic brain injury that dramatically impacted my life over the next 18 months. I spent significant time navigating large hospital systems and managing a multi-disciplinary team of providers across traditional, functional and integrative medicine, which exposed me to the frustrations of patients and practitioners alike. Upon my return, with the support of our Advisory Board, we rebranded the business to Nexis Wellness and expanded our community of independent providers beyond mental health to also include functional medicine and integrative medicine. So, if your area of practice falls within any of these categories, there’s likely a place for you here.

Today, Nexis Wellness is a growing community of health and wellness professionals. We’re a diverse community of experts across various disciplines, supporting one another as everyone’s independent efforts thrive. Much like the old adage, “It takes a village,” we believe Nexis Wellness serves as a community of care — to our providers as well as those they serve.

When you’re ready to enjoy the freedom of a solo practice with the power of a group, we welcome you to join our community of independent health and wellness providers.

Sincerest Regards,

Scott Zimmerman, CEO

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