Why Co-Working Works for Health & Wellness – Technology and Support

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Part II in a Three-Part Series Many health and wellness practices today operate the same way they did decades ago – paper-based, manual processes performed by people. While we are comfortable with these setups, they [...]

Nexis Wellness Advisor Offers Insight Into Tech Trends

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Nexis is excited to share the latest news from one of its Advisory Board Members, Derek Ritchea with Spurrier Capital Partners, who works closely with one of our trusted partners Valant. We pride ourselves in [...]

Why Co-Working Works for Health & Wellness – A Collaborative Community

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Part I in a Three-Part Series Running a health and wellness practice can be overwhelming. Creating your business plan, negotiating leases, reviewing insurance contracts and administrative work is worthwhile, but non-billable time. Co-working within a [...]

Co-Working Space Tailor Made for Behavioral Health Professionals Diversifies

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Nexis Wellness Now Open to Wellness Practices and Agencies in Northeast Ohio Nexis Medical Offices, Cleveland’s first and only co-working space specifically designed for behavioral health practitioners, today announced the business’ rebrand to Nexis Wellness. [...]

Make Sure Your Practice Is Insured

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At Nexis Medical Offices, we work with my providers who are new to private practice either because they’re just starting out or they are planning to leave a group or agency. One of the first set of questions they ask is whether they need insurance on Day 1, what sorts of insurance products should they look into, and why does Nexis require every Member have coverage. To help answer these questions, we’ve reached out to Michelle Hirsch, SVP, at Brunswick Companies.

Are you spending too much to see your patients?

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Spending too much on your behavioral health office space can cripple your practice as you’ll never be able to collect enough revenue to offset improperly sized real estate costs. To run a profitable practice, you have to make sure your costs are as lean as possible. One of the surest measurements for success is what I like to call the “Golden 20% Rule.” Your hourly real estate expense should never be more than 20% of your hourly earnings. But what does this mean and how do you get this?

5 Reasons Regus or WeWork May NOT Be The Best Location For Your Behavioral Health Practice

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Your behavioral health office is often your home away from home; the place you spend most of your day, and a space that facilitates your work while providing comfort to your clients.  However, setting up your office can be a nightmare. Negotiating long-term leases is stressful and risky. Designing the right layout, deciding what furniture to buy, and ordering and setting up phone and internet can be a pain. And what do you do if the amount of space you leased is too large or too small?