The freedom of a solo practice with the power of a group

Connect with a community of healthcare professionals and agencies. We offer fully furnished offices and access to the resources a practitioner needs to run a successful independent practice.

Our Solution: The center of all your practice needs

At Nexis Wellness, we provide healthcare professionals and agencies fully furnished consultative offices and access to the resources they need to run a successful independent practice. Increase revenue, spend more time with patients and grow your professional network by working in this collaborative, shared environment.  Expenses go down by paying for space only when you use it.

Elizabeth Garrett, MSSW, LISW-S

“It’s not just the space at Nexis—especially if you’re just starting out. The service has been invaluable to getting my practice up and running. From EMR to billing to credentialing, Nexis has made it incredibly easy. It would not have been this simple if I had to navigate it all myself—and I would have spent so much more money!”

Elizabeth Garrett, MSSW, LISW-S, Kensington Therapy Group
Dr. Liz O'Donnell, PhD.

“I searched all over [Cleveland] for mental health space and no one is offering what Nexis offers in terms of space with service. It’s collaborative. It’s discrete. It’s a great way to setup your practice in a location that provides credibility and a professional identity.”

Dr. Liz O'Donnell, PhD., Minding Matters

“Nexis is an awesome location and space to practice in. I love it! We [Cleveland Rape Crisis Center] took the space as we expand our satellite locations. My patients feel safe and comfortable and we’re already picking up new referrals from the area.”

Sheri Stevens, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
Sondra Miller, CEO

“We opened a stand-alone office in Westlake in 2017.  We had a lease for the space and had to get it up and running. We chose Beachwood as an East Side alternative because we didn’t have to go through any of that. Here [At Nexis], we literally signed a lease and were accepting appointments the next week.”

Sondra Miller, CEO, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
Constance Wolfe, LISW

“Nexis is a great place to practice when you’re not fulltime.  I often want to accommodate clients at atypical times or on weekends, or with only a few hours notice.  This made it hard to find a space to meet my needs. Nexis is the perfect fit with its short-term contracts and simple, flexible scheduling of treatment rooms.”

Constance Wolfe, LISW

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  Nexis Wellness enables you to practice out of multiple locations, while paying only for the time you are in each location.  This provides significant savings over renting and building-out multiple locations.

Your membership with Nexis Wellness is based upon your usage of treatment rooms.  We offer flexible terms, including short-term contracts, and as little as 0 committed hours per month

Yes, you are.  Just like a car lease or a cell phone, you have to pay for the services you sign up for.  With our On Demand plan, you can book a room online for when you’ll see patients and you can cancel up to 48 hours in advance. We can work with you to make sure you sign up for the right number of hours, and we can grow your contract with you as your practice grows!

To keep our hourly rates as low as possible, we charge you for the time you actually use.  We work hard to ensure space is not booked back-to-back, but if your time runs over into another Member’s, then you’ll be asked to move to another room, if one is available.  If you know your day typically runs over, we recommend booking additional time to make sure your room is yours.

Unless you reserve a room full time, our Clean Desk policy means your belongings must be put away or taken home at the end of each day.  As such, if you know you want to get your computer or notes ready, grab a free coffee or snack, etc., then you will need to reserve time at the start of your day.  We allow bookings to be made in 15-minute increments, so you pay for just what you need.

If that’s what you want, then that’s what you will get!  We will do everything we can to confirm your room schedule does not conflict with anyone else’s. Our online booking system allows you to book your room months in advance, so you can secure the space you prefer. If you don’t care about having the same office every time, we can save you even more money.

It depends. We provide multiple options based on what is the best fit for you and your patients. If you require dedicated space that is never shared, we have solutions that will fit that need. If instead, you’re focused on keeping your overhead down, we have shared spaces that you only pay for when you use them. Sharing space creates significant savings for our Members who do not need full-time space.  Sharing common areas, like reception and the kitchenette, gives everyone access to the benefits of a larger group’s space, at lower costs.

Of course!  Group therapy rooms are available at our locations.  You can include these rooms as part of your ongoing contract for a private office, or you can reserve the rooms as needed.

You will be able to see your patients when you want to see them.  We actively look for buildings with 24×7 secured access, typically via callbox. Our offices have secured access as well.  When you sign up, we will review your needs to make sure you can see patients when you want to. Please ask about the hours of operation for air conditioning on the weekends since that can vary by location.

Absolutely!  One of the greatest differences between Nexis Wellness and the rest of the industry, is that you still own your practice.  You are free to set your hours, rates, etc.  We hope you never leave, but if you decide it is time, there is no non-compete to worry about, and your patients are free to leave with you.

Nexis Wellness makes it easy for you to start your own practice – whether you keep full-time hours, or want to work few hours per month.  Please contact us for a free consultation to discuss everything that needs to happen to get up and running.

Yes. We help members in all different stages of their careers, from those just starting out on their own, to those winding down their practice. Rather than committing to a five or six-year lease for space that will hopefully be large enough to fit your needs in the future, you can start small and grow your Membership with your practice.

Nexis Wellness is a community of healthcare professionals and agencies specializing in behavioral health, primary care, functional and alternative medicine. We also work with agencies and non-profits serving the same populations.  Our membership includes full-time and part-time providers; solo practices and agencies.  We offer private treatment rooms and group therapy rooms to accommodate everyone.

By joining Nexis Wellness, you will be working in a collaborative environment with other like-minded, independent practitioners and agencies.  You can grow your network to help with referrals and have practitioners available for networking and brainstorming. We also facilitate social and learning events with your fellow practitioners to help grow your network.

Nexis Wellness has a network of preferred partners for most of your needs – from lawyers, to insurance agents, billing and credentialing providers, and EMR/ practice management systems.  If there’s something you need help with, chances another Member does too, so we likely have a solution ready for you.

Yes! Please contact us to let us know where you would like a new location and we will explore.

It depends on the space you need. To get started it usually costs your first month’s membership fee and a security deposit. The costs will be significantly less than money required to build out a new office, customize a software solution, and doing everything on your own.

Please contact us for more information.

Yes. We require all members have professional liability and commercial general liability insurance upon signing their membership agreement. Please read more here on the reasons why.

Please contact us for more information.